Looking for a water tracking/reminder app

is here someone that use a privacy friendly water tracking &reminder app with no ads and downloaded from google play?

If you need to be notified at regular intervals and will manually enter the amount of water to drink. It seems that in such a use case, using any software with timed notifications (like Loop Habit Tracker) and simple note taking would be a good solution?


i have looking at it but i can not set a interval for every 2 hours or so.
its does only per day…

The solution to this is already present in pretty much all of the smartphones: set alarm with custom tone.

You dont need a dedicated app that may increase your phone attack surface.

In fact, Im pretty sure you can set a separate bodily trigger (instead of app or phone alarm): After you pee, drink more than what got out of your body. Double the amount if the color is not transparent clear.

Dont want to measure piss volume? Measure piss time then. If you peed for 15 secs, drink water for the same amount of time. 1 gulp = 1 sec (so 15 gulps of water for 15 secs in the above example).

Again no need for app.