Lady Log - A period tracker

"I actually used to track my period wanted me to log in and save my data in the cloud, I decided to write my own.

Most apps in this area are based on a subscription model and display far too much information anyway.

For me, a simple calendar is enough where I can add a few notes if necessary.

So that is the result of my work - a simple design and the data is only saved on the smartphone."
Show HN: I made a privacy friendly and simple app to track my menstruation | Hacker News

i appreciate more options in this space. i do think Drip (and there’s another one, starts with an E?) is probably the one that should get a recommendation if we can get one on the site.

A solution like this definitely deserves a spot on the website.

We generally should probably get more of these health related things.


Euki is the one you’re thinking of. I know more people that choose Euki over Drip for functionality, but I definitely think they should both get a recommendation on the site on a new health section.

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@dngray let’s close this thread and rename the Euki thread to a general discussion about Reproductive Health tools Add Euki - Period and pregnancy tracker - #8 by Tally