"My Fitness Pal" alternative

Does anyone know of a privacy alternative to the fantastic app ‘My Fitness Pal’?


I don’t know about “private”, but I switched to Cronometer when MFP turned to paid only to scan barcodes.

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I don’t know your full use case for ‘My Fitness Pal’, or what OS you’re using; so my reccomendation may be limited or non applicable.

That being said if you are looking for a decent privacy respecting nutrition tracking application i would give Waistline a shot (android only unfortunately). I don’t know about any options for iOS as i haven’t been keeping up with that operating system lately.

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I use graphene OS. I’ll check it out.
Thanks so much!

It’s actually a very good alternative. The only drawbacks I noticed is that it doesn’t have nearly as many foods when I search, nor does it recommend recipes based on what I’m low on (e.g. protein).

But overall it’s a really good alternative. It even lets me search in other languages, including non Latin languages like Hebrew

Thank you so much for the recommendation!

Can you create foods in there? That’s what I do with Cronometer.

You absolutely can, I just don’t really have the patience for that :wink::smiling_face:

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