Your strategy for seperate apps

Hi everboy,

I would like to talk about how to seperate Apps in Profile by using Grapheneos.

My old situation.
Rom: Grapheneos
Profile Private: Every app who don’t need Playstore to work.
Profile Work: Every app who need Playstore to work anyway.

After i start to use Netguard (with Filtermode) i made it like that
Rom: Grapheneos
Profile Private: Every app without Tracker
Profile Work: Every app with Tracker
I installed on both Profiles, paid Netguard version.

I’m afraid to learn, that Netguard filtermode (VPN) only works in Main Profile and don’t possible to run 2x VPN. It also not possible to add an “Private DNS” with Netguard at the same time.

How have had you find a solution in your own case or similar case?

Best Regards.

I’ve given my thoughts on user profiles and how people should approach the subject here:

The gist is that it largely doesn’t make sense for others to tell you how to compartmentalize your apps, or if it even makes sense to. It’s best to know what you stand to gain by doing that and then decide if you should.

Also, I would highly recommend not using apps like Netguard to control network access to apps. GrapheneOS provides the network permission which is much more robust than any app implementation.

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i’ve read your linked post and hope to, i understood it. No native speaker…

Your mind is, all apps are sandboxed/isolate and there is no need on seperate them into Profiles anyway. And the decision can only you…

so do your mean, that keep every app (includes Playstore, play services) in just one Profile, is no problem? When i watched the live protocol (netguard) there coming a lot of connection(google, facebook…) from mutual app anyway, this the reason for me with Netguard.

i’m not sure, how i should act anyway.