Sharing files between GrapheneOS profiles

Creating new user profiles in GrapheneOS is a great way to preserve privacy across different areas of your life e.g. shopping, banking, social media, …

Are there any tools to sync or share files and photos across profiles?

Currently the only way I know how to do this is via USB transfer which is pretty inconvenient if I don’t have my PC with me.

I am honstly not sure what is the advantage of multiple user profiles in your case?

I guess the most important benefits to me are:

  • Not having to download sandboxed Google Play Services for banking in my main profile where I would like to keep only privacy respecting apps.
  • Not needing sometimes nessicary apps like WhatsApp in my main profile
  • Not allowing apps that shouldn’t be talking to each other from sharing any information via intents (like social media and Bank etc…)

If you know of any solution to this, I would greatly appreciate it if you could share. Or to describe a setup that works well for you.

Just so you know the last item is not possible anyway. The others somewhat make sense but i think you make your life a lot harder for little gain. I think the entire point of profiles is that what you want is not possible.

You can sync files obviously with the recommended tools on the website. But it will all be duplicated.

These are some of the reasons we like Android Work Profiles instead of user profiles. Installing Sandboxed Play Services in a Work Profile w/ those apps provides a lot more flexibility than the user profiles system.