Benefits of using Shelter on Android?


I was wondering about peoples’ thoughts on using Shelter for Android. The use of work profiles to isolate and freeze apps seems beneficial, but I’m unsure if it would be worth the trouble of installing and using.

At the moment I have already uninstalled or disabled any apps on my device that I do not use, and I have blocked the ability to connect to the internet using Netguard for any apps
that are disabled or don’t require it.

The only apps I can imagine I’d want to isolate would be Google Maps (which I only use for longer drives where I need to check traffic, otherwise I solely use Organic Maps), or apps that I’ve disabled already and would just want to freeze to be safe. Do you think it would be worth using shelter for this?

Interested in hearing anyone’s thoughts on Shelter as a whole as well :slight_smile:

User profiles offer better isolation, and on GrapheneOS, you can disable user-installed apps, which is better than freezing.

You can’t uninstall system apps and you can’t reliably disable them when using ADB, unless you can just disable some of them from settings.

NetGuard is leaky and unreliable for blocking network access. Network permission toggle in GrapheneOS is the only one that I know that works without any leaks whatsoever.

You can use Google Maps, Waze, or Magic Earth in the browser.

You can only freeze apps that are in a work profile; it doesn’t work system-wide.

Do you have somewhere I could read more on this?


(NetGuard is a firewall)

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