Will Proton Drive replace Self-Hosted Nextcloud for Cloud Storage?

Once Proton Drive releases their desktop clients, what would the difference be between Proton Drive and self-hosted Nextcloud?

Would it replace Nextcloud?

More than one thing can be good. The difference would be that Nextcloud is self-hosted, and Proton Drive is a cloud storage provider.

What would the difference between them be in terms of privacy and security?

I think the idea that self hosted gives you more control is a bit flawed unless you have your own hardware. If you use any cloud or vps you are still relying on another party. While they could technically access your stuff proton really cannot as it uses e2ee. Using an e2ee is a much better idea. I see no advantage in Nextcloud tbh other than that’s the only company somewhat privacy respecting that offers good syncing and an web interface atm. Which soon hopefully will be resolved by Proton.

So yeah if you want full on control running nextcloud on your own hardware for yourself may be an option. If it’s recommendable to masses: imho no. It requires a lot of work, you have to figure out good backups and you generally should have knowledge on how to properly secure it. If you don’t have that you are just exposing yourself to many risks.

So would self-hosting Nextcloud lower your security compared to other cloud storage solutions like iCloud or Proton Drive?

There are teams behind the security of iCloud and Proton Drive, whereas with self-hosting, it’s only you. You have to do everything yourself, including being responsible for the security for your data,

That puts you at a disadvantage compared to the other cloud storage solutions in terms of security, right?

In reading definitely!

As long as you backup your cloud elsewhere so proton en icloud cannot lock you out of all your data, (for what ever reason) this surely is the best option.

F.x. if you sync all your files to your device and this device is backed up regularly with let’s say Borg Vault on demand to a remote location and weekly to a cold backup (disconnected harddrive) i think you got a really rock solid solution with really well minimized risk and propper security.