Nextcloud vs iCloud with Advanced Data Protection?

I’ve been wanting to switch to Nextcloud for a while now, but given how difficult it is to set up (I have no knowledge of Linux servers or self-hosting), and given that now iCloud has end-to-end encryption for iCloud (except Contacts, Calendar, and Mail which I don’t use anyway), I’m wondering if I should just use iCloud.

Only thing is, iCloud is proprietary and not open-source.

If the goal is privacy and owning my data, should I just use iCloud, or still switch to Nextcloud?

I also don’t want to be spending a lot of time on maintenance if I do end up self-hosting, if a lot of maintenance is involved with self-hosting Nextcloud then I might not consider it.

If you and the persons you share stuff with are all in apple’ ecosystem I would dare to say use iCloud. Its a lot better and ot will be a lot more convenient.