Choose for a open source cloud vs set up your own cloud on a NAS thats not FOSS

i want to get off Dropbox and Google Drive.
And 'm considering to set up a Synology NAS or use nextcloud.

But i dont know whats the best choice here.
Synology NAS is not foss. but you are 100% in control of your own data.
setting up Nextcloud because its open sourche, but you need to trust your data to nextcloud.

What is the best choice here?

They aren’t mutually exclusive. You can run NextCloud on a Synology NAS, or you can run it on any VPS service.

You are in control of your own data either way. The difference is:

  • whether or not you want to expose your NAS to the internet (You can use something like Tailscale as well)
  • How much storage you need. A NAS will give you greater amounts of storage for much cheaper, at a higher up-front cost and maintenance.

I like Synology machines, but getting one depends on whether your goal is learning or just having a solution. Generally self-hosting (whether you build your own NAS or use a VPS) is more error-prone on custom systems that it is in Synology’s hand-holdy DSM.

I have benefited greatly on a professional level from building and experimenting with my own NAS, for what it’s worth. TrueNAS is FOSS.

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It highly depends on your needs. Speaking from someone that has migrated away from nextcloud I really cannot recommend it at all. It’s not stable. If you are someone that wants to thinker around and do bug fixing it may be nice. If you want a stable cared for and secure solution I can only recommend to just stick to a cloud provider. Personally I use Proton Drive and Ente Photos which is a much more sane experience.

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can you edit documents that in proton drive are stored without downloading it?
or sync with joblin?

No you cannot but there is on demand sync. So it can temporary download files you need.