Freedombox vs Nextcloud

There are already a few posts floating around Reddit about Freedombox and Nextcloud (including integrating Nextcloud as an application within Freedombox), but when you take the self-hosting option of Nextcloud, they become comparable options for a self-hosting solution, right? Both provide prefabricated hardware options, and both include a suite of apps. . . . So I am wondering, assuming you choose to self-host with Nextcloud, what are the reasons to prefer one over the other?

Thanks in advance!

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IIRC freedombox works on a packaged operating system that manages automated app install/maintenance at the system level. Similar to:

  • yunohost
  • cloudron
  • TrueNAS with Truecharts
  • Turnkey Linux
  • CasaOS
  • HomeLabOS
  • co-op cloud
  • umbrel (I believe this still doesn’t provide tls security so best to use lan only or over tor)

Whereas nextcloud is a service that integrates plugin support at a higher level using it’s own api (which is why those apps tend to break with upgrades).
So, nextcloud is a subset of systems like freedombox which allow easy installation of services like nextcloud. I don’t think freedombox includes nextcloud in their apps list, but I know yunohost does and pretty sure cloudron too.


Thank you. I am beginning to have a better understanding of the difference by looking into each of these options.