Why is OnlyOffice recommended on Privacy Guides? (it has 7 trackers)

only office android app has:
3 facebook trackers
4 google trackers


what is a better alternative?

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Maybe you could take a look at Collabora?

in settings, disable: share application analytics

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collabora is very slow and freeze sometimes on pixel 6a.
don’t know why.

what has that to do with it?

if you only need a document editor for android and don’t care about cloud features, you could also just deny network permission to the app, then nothing* is getting out regardless of what “trackers” are bundled

*I guess technically inter-app IPC could do something but if you’re on PG you probably would want to degoogle anyway

there’s always room for improvement here on PG’s. well done on discovering this. I use google sheets on my GOS p6a w network off :rofl::person_shrugging: snappy compared to collabora office.