Office Suite on Android

What applications are you using for opening office documents like docx,xlsx,pptx etc?
Currently I’m using Collabora office for Android.
Suggestions needed.
P.S:- pdf as well.
Samsung phone.

Same thing. Collabora. It’s what LibreOffice themselves recommend.. Even if there’s an actual ongoing port of it on Android.
I use grapheneOS, so i’m all fine and good with graphene secure pdf viewer. It is strictly a pdf viewer as it says, but i rarely need to edit those documents on my phone. If needed, I just use the ilovepdf website for such. One of the most cleaner online pdf editor available. Not necessary the most private however.
Those applications can of course be installed on modern Samsung smartphone, from the Play Store, F-Droid or Source

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i use OfficeSuite with Network permission disable

In my experience Collabora office was somewhat problematic so I switched to OnlyOffice for android.

Problem i have with the OnlyOffice android app :

the android apps of onlyoffice are closed source?

Nevermind. I’ll correct my previous post.

I have OnlyOffice installed just for reading files, I don’t use a mobile office suite to write or edit documents. The experience is never native or mobile friendly for me. There are better alternatives to take notes on a phones than any office suite in my opinion.

Most ROM’s have a pdf reader installed, samsung included. If you want to use something other than the default one, try MuPDF It’s on f-droid and play store.

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maybe an alternative:
I for myself just know it, but don’t use ist

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Use Samsung Notes for pdf with internet disabled using Netguard.

xodo for pdf, switch off internet for it.

I have tried Collabora Office for a while but switched to OnlyOffice. Collabora was very slow on my phone…