Why does RiseUp VPN no longer work, but ProtonVPN still does?

So I have been using RiseUp for a few months now. I must say it is a great complement to Proton. The thing is I can no longer access the Internet while connected to RiseUp. If I tried to access a website I get a “page not found” error or a similar kind of error. ProtonVPN doesn’t do that. When I am connected to ProtonVPN I can access any webpage I want.

However, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling RiseUp through snap and that doesn’t seem to work.

Can someone please clarify for me?

What IP does a website like https://ifconfig.co/ give you? the VPN server exit? I think the fact you see a page means that maybe the RiseUp server is blocked from the specific resource you’re trying to access.

Yeah that won’t help.