Why are Riseup obfs4 bridges not working?

Those bridges worked well for a few years, I think, until they stopped connecting about a month ago. They helped me connect to login pages where the other end blocked connections via regular VPN. Some even blocked loading of their login page.

I can still connect to the regular Riseup VPN servers and another VPN service. I use the Portmaster firewall but usually connect the VPN first. It was not a problem before and not a likely problem now. Does anyone here know how to use Portmaster to tease out the issue with the Riseup obfs4 bridges?

I need to update my OS (Linux Mint, 18.04.1-Ubuntu), which went out of support ~May. Is that the problem here?

I hope you are more successful if you are using the Riseup bridges. Let me know here. Also, I’d love to know how to install the riseup-vpn, cli version since I have only used the gui thus far. Maybe the cli version could help reveal the cause of the problem I’m having.

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