What does Privacy Guides think about criticism of Brave Browser?

Vanadium, Cromite, Mulch. And if you aren’t as bothered by the lack of security and/or only do browsing without logging into stuff on mobile, Mull.

Android devices are very fingerprintable, anonymous browsing should be done using Tor on a desktop OS and ideally Whonix+Qubes, as is recommended here on PG.

Brave is a great browser. But brave is also a company, and they need :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:. So what they do? They decided to make a VPN, Leo Premium, Brave Search Premium, and Crypto. Their crypto was their initial funding project, and rn it is still present. Maybe they actually accomplish their promises of a new way to funding creators? I really don’t know. I haven’t earned that much when using brave, but I don’t know if is just me or everyone.
Still, obviously as a company they can make weird movements… but it’s little probable that those would be abruptly, but with some news. They work much better than let’s say Firefox or Chrome for giving privacy on the user, so they are not so bad
I do not use Brave today that much tbh, but some time ago I used to
Nevertheless, there are really alternatives that achieves the same level of privacy but with easiness, without friction and without complications.

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Take in account that the CEO of Brave also invented the Javascript code you are using to comment there, co-funded Mozilla.
He have expertise (and a lot) on the web! He knows what he is doing!

And remember that his Brave Search achieves very good search results and they accomplished that in very little time. Meanwhile, e g Mojeek still cant accomplish a Google level so it is not really an alternative (as brave search is). In my opinion, this was possible at least in a large portion because a Brendan knows what he is doing!

And, AFAIK, he has done his best to maintain a good separation between his personal ideas and his work (AFAIK)



Not to mention js being a pox on the internet in general, but that’s just besides the point

Still don’t want to fund someone who fought to prevent people like me getting married :slight_smile:


I’m confused about which browser to use on my Android device. Some people advise against using Gecko browsers, while others recommend Brave, but some say not to use Brave. What should I do?

Brave would be a good choice, if you want to use something Gecko based Mull seems like a good choice. Or if you’ll be using a Pixel+GrapheneOS then Vanadium is a good option.


If you’re on GrapheneOS, then use Vanadium. If not, then try Cromite.

I would recommend adding Cromite’s repository to the F-Droid Basic client to download Cromite and get seamless updates.


No one here compared Brave to Mozilla but you. Mozilla gets enough flack as is, so it’s not like the privacy community isn’t highly critical of them. This thread is about Brave, though.

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Acting like he’s doing anything for that company but (bad) PR and cashing out :skull:

Edit: removed the last bit as someone found that to be offensive (somehow) and got the post hidden lol :smiley:

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Brave is Chromium and relatively private compared to other options on Windows. I like FireFox more but some websites I use are dropping support for it and the difference is noticeable. I hope there is a good Chromium option other than Brave soon because all of the AI, Shitcoin, and ads make the browser bloated. I also think it is short sighted to say that Eich’s personal views don’t affect the browser at all, and Brave is popular with a certain crowd of people who are in many ways anti-privacy when it doesn’t come to themselves.


Security, mostly

Strong security, but that isn’t why I framed my answer the way I did (“Or if you’ll be using a Pixel+GrapheneOS then Vanadium”)

I said that because Vanadium is only available on GrapheneOS and GrapheneSO is only available on recent Pixel devices. So unless you are using GrapheneOS on a Pixel, Vanadium isn’t an option.