What are your opinions about Cloacked.app new phone number aliases service?

I found this service Clocked which provide an alias for your actual phone number.

Tell me your opinions

I haven’t seen it being recommended over services like MySudo. But, most importantly, heard they reuse and recycle numbers among Cloaked users in the name of “data poisoning,” which can be a significant red flag

Why do you think it’s a red flag?
Are there absolutely no use cases for it?

I tried to set up an account here and failed. It does not accept any phone number, even none VoIP numbers. Regardless of the country you select, it keeps giving an error, “Please enter a valid U.S. phone number”. Weird also how it has a very limited set of countries available, but even when you use a number there, it just won’t work. I guess this is a very buggy solution so far. Really hope to see something like this with a bit more stability and perhaps no need for a recovery number.

I see some issues I have with them, just browsing their website, but the biggest problem I have is, lack of any transparency reports or any external audit. I can look past them being closed sourced if there was at least this.

Maybe I’m being unfair but it feels like to me, they want to monetize the concept of “security and Privacy”, or maybe that’s just the way the website is made to feel.

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I have no issue with the monetization haha, 10 bucks for a bunch of numbers would not be bad at all. But so far it seems unusable.

Paid service is not my issue, I’d rather pay for things I depend on but I also don’t see any reason (audits, transparency etc) to shift trust to their services. Which is where it feels like a cash grab before initial trust is established.