Infomaniak mail service

I got to know about this service called Infomaniak that’s based in Switzerland and provides various services like Email, Drive, Contacts, Chat, Webhosting and what not. The service looks decent enough to me. I think the kinda go a little bit too much into the “based in Switzerland and so all data is secure” but overall decent service. I don’t understand how they are providing ike 15gigs of storage and etc for free (this free service is available for residents only in Switzerland and some other countries). They ask for a phone number to check if you are a resident of these countries. Has anyone previously heard of them as to if they are worth looking into?

I can’t find anything about any of their services being open-source. Also, when in doubt about any service, read their privacy policy.

Personally I can’t see any reason to use any of their services when more transparent and reputable alternatives are available.

I suppose this may be better than storing your data on google drive, but it isn’t end to end encrypted. Switzerland has argueably better privacy protections by law. But not sure can level the amount of security Google can. But this does not seem like some amazing offer we should recommend. In fact I believe these have been discussed before in the time when discussions where still on github.

I’m using them for my domain, but their privacy policy is honestly rather meh. So do you know of any better domain host (in the EU preferably)?

Yes, it was answered here Infomaniak: The best free alternative to the web giants · privacyguides · Discussion #222 · GitHub

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I’m using the full suite of Infomaniak stuff: mail hosting, calendar and addressbook, kDrive cloud. Generally very happy with it. They promise to respect your privacy and everything follows open standards (IMAP, CalDAV, CardDAV, WebDAV). You can edit your files in the browser with OnlyOffice. The Android apps are found in F-Droid. The same convenience as what Onedrive/Outlook or GDrive/Gmail would give you, but with a credible commitment to privacy and software freedom. Prices are very good as well.

But I don’t think it’s a fitting candidate for PG because nothing is end-to-end encrypted. So if e.g. law enforcement wants to see your emails or files in the cloud, they can share it all.

Here’s an extensive comparison of alternatives for the MS/Google/Apple ecosystems and Infomaniak was the one I went with in the end. Something like Protonmail/ProtonDrive is more private, but for personally has too many inconveniences and a lack of features.


I hope you know that OF is Russian service, right?

So Snowden made a bad decision being there? No, exactly.

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It’s self hostable it’s also open source. We don’t consider it a problem that some developers are Russian, or elsewhere. Previous discussion.


Snowden is in Russia because he had no alternative, not because he deliberately chose to live there. Some of the details are fuzzy but my recollection is he was en route to Latin America (from Hong Kong) but due to his passport being cancelled by the US government, became stranded in a Russian Airport for ~40 days (unable to leave the airport, and unable to continue his journey), until he was finally granted temporary asylum in Russia.

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As long as I can still write an anti-Putin pamphlet in OnlyOffice, I don’t really care. It’s free software after all.