Wayback Machine as a generic front end?


What do you think of using web.archive.org as a generic front-end?
It’s not exactly privacy oriented, but it should be better than most sites, specially with VPN+MB and clearing/blocking cookies.

I’m not sure it makes sense to use something that intentionally hosts outdated sites for normal browsing, or what the privacy benefits would be.

I know I mentioned privacy, but it’s because it’s actually a concern of mine - having one site know most of your browsing.

The biggest gain could instead be security, if it allows you to read fully functional sites without JavaScript. I’ll try to verify myself if that’s truly the case, but others might know the answer already or he better suited to find it out.

Lastly, as for the hosting of outdated sites, much of what we search isn’t really time sensitive. Think of recipes, song lyrics, tech problems for which the answer is in a 2017 post in stack overflow or apple/ms support pages, etc.

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