is vup(sia) a good storage service? they offer 5gb free

Are you speaking about that?

I don’t want to recommend this to you : It’s experimental, when you open the app for the first time, it just says that. Also, it’s pretty niche, pretty new. Doesn’t seem to have enough maturity to be used by general people and be recommended on things like PG (I know this wasn’t your request).

Furthermore, the website is pretty empty. Zero info about plans. I had to install the app to actually know that there’s actually a free 5GB plan you mentioned. Additionally, I don’t know if it’s that problematic, but the privacy policy is just :

We don’t store your data, period.

Yes, that’s it! This, for me, isn’t a privacy policy at all. A privacy policy should include things like how the data is handled because that’s a cloud storage and there can (should) be things that are actually handled and also, should include things like compliance, data access, data sharing, etc…


thanks for all the information i apreciate that!

That is not how it works. They do not store your data, because they do not provide any storage at all!

That 5gb you see are in the app is not in the cloud, but in the app itself and you need to start WebDAV server in the app to access this data from elsewhere. Or Jellyfin server to stream audio/video from the app. You need to add some storage to store bigger data. I am not sure if it is possible now and even if it possible to access WebDAV via internet, seems to be local only now.

The concept is really cool, but it is not working good now and seems it is not ready yet, but seems to be next big thing.

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Vup is a third party service that’s built on Sia. If you want to use Sia, you can use the official client, but it’s only available for desktop, while Vup is also on mobile.

Sia storage cost is around half of Storj. For the security, it uses the same approach as Storj, i.e. the data is split and encrypted to store across the node: Renting Storage - Sia Docs.

But I don’t use Sia, I use Storj due to a lot more active nodes (~20K vs 400-500) that are running in the system, see:, which means it’s more reliable, it won’t go away anytime soon. Nevertheless, you can see Sia’s active nodes here:

I see this is one of the benefits when using a decentralized cloud storage. You see everything. It’s zero-trust.

With all that said, I would use Sia over any centralized cloud storage regardless of the privacy policy (it doesn’t matter anymore as @KeepItSimple said, they don’t store your data).