Filen and internxt?

are there a good options for privacy?

See: The Best Private and Secure Cloud Storage Providers - Privacy Guides

You could also use Cryptomator and a cloud provider of your choice as recommended on PG as well.

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had account with them and canceled it …I find them a bit shady in my opinion

I would suggest you to stay away from Internxt, as I don’t think it’s a successful business. Since it’s a crypto project, the project’s business outlook is one-click away: Internxt price today, INXT to USD live price, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap.

It’s basically a shit coin sitting at #1903 in the coin market cap, which means it could go away (along with your data) at any moment.

There’s no reason to use Internxt instead of a well-established decentralized cloud storage solution like Storj or Sia.


Adding to that, their android app doesn’t even work on multiple devices I’ve tried. It won’t upload any file

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there is no option with just 5-10 gb free? i dont want to pay just for so few gb, i dont have really important photos or videos, i dont need a perfect privacy service

if you have to choose between filen, internxt and vup(sia) which one do you choose? thanks in advance

Filen. Even with the security flaws they had, they seem to have fixed that. But still, you would still have the problem of “Is it sustainable or not?” (Again, very small team). They look pretty promising, and I hope they go forward!

Another option is using a standard provider like Google Drive and use Cryptomator.

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It’s great you’re considering a private cloud storage option to choose your files, if you want an in-depth comparison of Filen and Internxt, you have more information here: Filen Review | Internxt Blog

TL;DR: Internxt’s security and privacy features have been independently audited by a leading European pen-testing company that keeps your files safe from hackers. The Internxt product suite offers more features, including Drive and other free tools, and you can view the new features, improvements, and plans for Internxt, which includes WebDAV and Rclone support, here: Internxt Public Roadmap 2024 | Internxt Help Center

there is no option with just 5-10 gb free has 20 GB and end-to-end encryption and good apps

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We do not recommend either. You shouldn’t be using them. There are good recommendations available on the website: The Best Private and Secure Cloud Storage Providers - Privacy Guides

You also might want to read this thread: Add Internxt as a Drive alternative and as a Send tool

Also, Proton Drive has now 5GB for the free plan instead of only one gig so it’s something to look at!


i always use your temporary email and internxt send it works really well. regarding the drive i can’t trust anyone anymore after the skiff journey.

You can earn additional bonus storage by referring your friends to FileN. Each referee can have 10 GB, but the most they can have is 30 GB. As per my understanding, the referral bonus will be free forever. As my understand, the referral bonus will be free forever.