VoIP service recommendations

VOIP numbers often gets blocked by online services. I don’t know if SMSPool would be considered a good option, since I don’t think they have a Monero option available as payment for their cryptocurrency option.

@jonah any progress?

There’s also https://crypton.sh/ which provides actual phone number and not VOIP.

Isn’t there possible self hosting solutions? You’ll have to pay for a SIP trunk from a telecom company (no way around it), but you can handle the rest on the server. This is no beginners feat, and downtime will have to be fixed by you. See details here about this guys journey. I also believe there are FOSS solutions for the server part as well.

This may or may not help, and is definitely a hard edge case to solve.

yes, it’s there in the PR deploy preview Phone Service - Privacy Guides

If I may derail the topic a bit, how difficult is self hosting VoIP vs self hosting email? Which one further reading or maybe even formal training/seminar?

It is expensive and a lot of people had bad experiences with this service (https://crypton.sh/).

They do according to smspool | kycnot.me - KYCnot.me

Data-only plans available only for existing customers for now.

We are almost ready to allow purchasing the data plan without being a JMP customer, as an alternative path in our onboarding.

Sorry for the necropost, but I want to inform you about a huge change to the eSIM activation process in the latest update to GrapheneOS:

make eSIM activation toggle available without sandboxed Google Play installed (eSIM management no longer requires sandboxed Google Play)

What the toggle looked like before this update:



Just adding to what others have said, SMSPool provides non-VoIP phone numbers for verifying accounts. They offer both temporary numbers and rented numbers. The benefit of a service like this is that they use non-VoIP numbers so they aren’t blocked by many services. This is especially an issue with services such as JMP.chat and MySudo because they use VoIP numbers.

They support cryptocurrencies such as XMR and BTC.


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What are their prices for the long-term SMS number? They want me to register to see the prices…

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Not sure if your still interested, here’s mine BBE7AMUI

It’s $20 a month for a US phone number (non-VoIP)

Wow that’s crazy, would be cheaper to get some ancient burner phone for $5 and - if your country doesn’t require ID - a free SIM card from the corner shop.

That’s for a permanent number. Their main product is one time verification sms codes for 0.5$ or less. You can even use one number two times, allowing for example to use a phone number at a google account setup*, and then after for 2FA setup.

(*Required when using a VPN)

If you are not using the google account frequently you will be locked out and prompted for phone number verification.

Not if you enable 2FA. A common misconception is Google doesn’t support 2FA with an app It does, but after you enable phone number TOTP (or Google prompt). After you have Authenticator App 2FA, disable SMS 2FA. Make sure to also add a recovery email (using an allias of course)
BTW, If you don’t you will need to purchase a new phone number. Quick tip : note the VPN server you used for you account creation, and connect from it the next time, this will reduce the chance of problems. But with 2FA you WON’T be logged out, as long as you have 2 methods.

Correct. The ‘Google prompt’ is the crucial point. So you could add a mobile device by logging in to Google on your phone (ideally: Gmail app for iPhone, or a throwaway user profile on Android → i.e. something that doesn’t connect your “whole phone” to Google), then set up TOTP, then delete the Gmail app (iOS) / user profile (Android) again and delete the device from your Google account. Now you have 2FA with TOTP and you never provided any phone number.

I personnally just buy a sms codes from smspool.net as I prefer spending 50 cents than giving away one of my device id to Google.