Voice/Video call for family

It is intended for family use, so privacy standards are not very high.

Currently using Signal, however it hasn’t functioned without the app open, even when text messages arrive. Once the app is launched, it appears to function normally. It worked fine before until some weeks ago. We did not update any settings. We intend to move to Wire Messenger. Any recommend? We need clear voice & video call.

BTW, Google Meet and Viber always work at any time. Google Meet give us best video call at all.

Thank you all.

You using stock OS’s ?

Any feelings on why signal is not working?

Android v12, v13. Latest signal version download apk file direct from signal site.

I make a call, no notifications on other side but they can receive text message notification. Voice/video call back to normal when open signal.

Try with the Google play store version.

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iirc the website version will still use Play Services/Firebase if it is available, the only real difference is that it has a self-updater

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We always download the most recent version as soon as Aurora Store announces an update.

In the past, we experienced a similar circumstance in which the other person did not receive the call and only a missed call notification was displayed. After a few weeks, it went away. We are currently getting this error. We also hope that it will disappear as quickly as before.

Perhaps we should switch to Molly or MollyUP.

The downside is that Google Meet or Viber perform flawlessly and consistently.

Perhaps this represents a trade-off between privacy and convenience.

Our ordered list would be:

  1. Signal/Molly/MollyUP
  2. Wire
  3. Telegram
  4. Google Meet
  5. Viber

We’ve heard that XMPP also offers voice/video calling, however this depends on the server’s support. Do you happen to know which servers support it so we may test it?

Thank you.

PS: While browsing the topic, I saw that there appeared to be many occurrences of similar issues.

Have you tried https://dontkillmyapp.com/ on your phone and families phones ? Unfortunately, the phone manufacturer break android application so that they can appear better woth their battery lives

Thanks for your advice.

We tried these when install Signal first time & everything worked fine until few weeks ago.