Signal bugs

Signal is widely touted for being an easy app “that just works” to get people secure and private but doesn’t anyone have any problems?!

For example, my girlfriend and I currently miss the vast majority of our calls. Calls don’t ring and I only get a notification “missed call”. Sometimes the incoming call screen appear but the green button just doesn’t work.
I use a VPN but it seems to happen even with the VPN disconnected. I have Google Play Services and all. Also happens to my girlfriend on iPhone. She also uses IVPN.

All of this NEVER happens with WhatsApp.

And for instance it hasn’t happened for a long time but back then people often received messages 12 hours late, even if they had a network and opened the application…

Now people Say “Signal is trash”

I love signal but the missing calls are really annoying :roll_eyes:

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The place to go and report issues and/or look for answers with problems like that is usually github, e.g.: