What is the best way to contact privately

hi my name is skyman12 and I like to know what is the best way to contract privately without using Whatsapp or sms I always hated Whatsapp because everyone thinks it’s the gold standard of messengers and I became sick of it very quickly hope you can recommend for me The best services besides signal and session

I hope you read the recommendations on the website here Real-Time Communication - Privacy Guides . As you are already aware of signal and session , other recommendations like briar and simpleX chat focuses more on anonymity of the user. Though for these options you would need to forgo some of the convenience factors. You can chose according to your needs and threats level. (Best is subjective to individual needs)


thanks for your help I all ready know that but I just need more options for privacy and security

Why more options? What exactly are your needs?
There are not many secure and privacy messaging apps available.

I know Olvid, which isn’t on the list, but I’ve never used it.

No I don’t need to use them but knowing just in case I want to switch from signal or session

If there would be other good options and if we knew them they would have been on the website :wink: Just just signal.


Ok thanks for your help