Whatsapp updates its privacy policy. (Making messaging interoperability with third parties safe for users in Europe)

is this good news right?

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I think this will def get more messaging startups on the Signal Protocol which is great

Meta has emphasized that this is an opt-in service, so users need to say they want to receive and send between services outside WhatsApp.

This could undermine it substantially. If they’re allowed to hide the setting in a hard to find spot, and/or put in a scary confirmation popup, I could see that keeping the adoption low. And I can absolutely see them maliciously complying by approving interop with a poorly-moderated, spammer-filled service.

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oh yeah there can absolutely be malicious compliance in there

Not to mention WhatsApp doesn’t encrypt as much info as Signal so if I wanted to message my friends how much of my own information gets exposed to advertisers?

if it has interop with messengers that dont need phone numbers that will be a huge win

No the DMA explicitly says that interoperability is optional for the users, meaning it hasn’t to be emabled by default.

For me, Signal bridge would be the best but are they gonna do it? Signal did remove support for SMS partly with the reasoning that they already had large enough userbase and also because SMS has only minimal security and privacy. Will Whatsapp be significantly different in their eyes?

I also use Telegram for some groups but I would rather just use Whatsapp to keep the e2ee.

Whatsapp has more user than SMS, i think. None of the people around me uses sms, where most of them are waap users. If signal implements this, I can completely remove WhatsApp from my phone.