Twitter let the Onion node die, but it's not a big deal

The new oil, was quite outraged, about that Twitter let their Onion node for Twitter to die (which he is entitled to have his opinion, and I respect it), but it didn’t work before they way it was supposed to, because I’ve tried to use it through Tor, and their .onion node, and it was horrible experience.

First of all, you shouldn’t log in into anything, through Tor because that’s a point of identification, even if you don’t use your real name, or share any personal information, but I digress, I wanted to try it, for the sake of trying it.

Second, every few minutes, I had to confirm that it’s me through phone number! Like what! What’s the point of having Tor node, if you force people to verify their number through SMS every few minutes, like I couldn’t use Twitter until I verified myself, I couldn’t cancel it, just…

Third, eventually I was locked out of my account for 14 days, because of “suspicious activity” on my account, because I was making some changes to my profile, and moving pretty rapidly, back and forth on Twitter pages, so in the end, I’m glad it’s dead, because people who would need anonymity would be forced to reveal themselves, through phone number.

BUT, if they’ve made it correctly, I would like Twitter to have an Onion node.


You don’t have to, you just need to go to help and “appeal by contacting our support team” and then ask nicely to unblock your account.
Though probably not worth to do now lol, since no onion.