Help! I can't sign up to Twitter using Tor

I was trying to sign up to Twitter using Tor bridge but for some reason the pictures required for authentication are not loading, What should i do?

P.s I am using the default settings.

Not use tor I guess? Not much you can do here. Many sites block tor for both reasonable and questionable reasons.

What browser are you using? On which platform?

I read about a user of Mullvad Browser having an issue with captchas, which seems to be linked to an open Tor Browser issue. I’m not sure if this is the issue you’re facing though.

You could use nitter instead of twitter unless you are looking to post things

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I MUST use Tor for making this twitter account cause i want to post and repost freely.

I am using Tor browser on Tails OS
I am gonna check the links you provided, Thanks.

Have you considered simply purchasing a Twitter account using some Monero? It’s not expensive and some marketplaces and brokers accept cryptocurrencies.

Alternatively, have you looked into joining the fediverse? Platforms such as Pleroma or Mastodon are great if you want more freedom, especially if you self-host, which isn’t too difficult to set up and it’s fairly cheap.

Any crypto currency is extremely unbelievable expensive in my country, And I am looking for more freedom but fediverse doesn’t have many people talking my language plus it is not that freedom as you think and self hosting is so expensive in my country too.

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Just go with local starbucks (or equivalent). They have an IP that can be used to log in or create an account with. Just use a disposable gadget for it.


Might also just be an issue with Twitter configuration in itself. It’s such a shithole, that one year after launching a onion domain, they let the certificate expire to this day

The Verge results appearing on DuckDuckGo irronically retrace humouristically their indevors.

They will eventually ask for your phone number, right?

Unrelated to anything i said. It’s was a mirror of their website, as Facebook is actually maintaining theirs. Everything else still applies. I was referring to that particular network mismanagement of theirs relating to the Tor network, as potential hint of those issues being an another of their network mismanagement issues.