Telegram alternatives?

Hi there community,
I am on the lookout for apps that offer more security and privacy than Telegram. But in a way so that I can still use Telegram. The reason being, many people use Telegram for messaging , managing communities etc. This app might be a good example, let me know what’s your opinion and add your suggestions if possible.
Thank you in advance.

Beeper, perhaps?

This is not going to make your Telegram chats private or secure though.


I don’t think you really can make Telegram more private or secure by using a third party client or sticking it behind a matrix bridge. It will be more convenient, yes, but at the end of the day Telegram will still have access to the chat data (since it’s unencrypted by default).


Beeper might be the app I am looking for. The reason I posted this question is my personal concern of installing Telegram on a desktop. If I want a secure communication app I will use SimpleX Chat,Briar, Matrix,Signal… The thing with Telegram from my personal experience is that still a number of communities use it for community management. While not providing other means of contact or are just slow to respond e.g. email.Even if you have that one person how still believes Telegram won’t misuse their data, then this is an alternative while not making the chats private or secure as you pointed out.The point is, it’s a hassle to convince people to switch from Telegram to a privacy preserving and secure app.

Unfortunately, I am aware of all the facts. And I did think about using the Telegram Web but logging in can be a hassle, sometimes because I do travel a lot.The chat’s are insecure, either way. So There aren’t any pros to using Telegram Web on my part.

There is nothing good about Telegram. I don’t know why it’s being pushed as a “privacy” respecting app. It literally requires a phone number to sign up. It requires you to agree to their terms, which are sketchy, and their transparency is lacking. You’re better off using an app like Briar, Element or equivalent (for Matrix), or Session. The end goal is to have a standardized E2EE setup that isn’t opt-in and that doesn’t come with sketchy NFT usernames (…seriously, why?).

I have taken a deep dive into Telegram. I cannot find a single thread of good behind using it, not when the apps I mentioned above—even with fewer features—have far better privacy and security, They can be thrown away. You can create multiple accounts and access them using Tor. Unlike your phone number, which is certainly connected to your name or other data.