Reading Telegram chats

How can I read private Telegram chat messages without signing in to the Telegram app or website?

How do you envision that working?

If you want to preview Telegram channels that have that capability disabled without an account, then you’re out of luck.

Well, I asked the AI, and it suggested a bridge between a Telegram bot and an RSS feed. But that means I have to trust a third party. I thought maybe there is a better way. Perhaps there is a front-end alternative to Telegram

Beeper? You can also self-host Beeper without trusting them or just self-host a matrix bridge.

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Still wrapping my head around this. So you have an account you want to log in with, but don’t trust the official clients, is that right?

Yes, I joined group chats because I like their knowledge and enjoy reading their content, but I don’t trust the platform and app.

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Just use a different FOSS app, there are multiple of them.

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I see I see. If you are technically inclined there are Matrix bridges like this like Lukas mentioned:

If not, it might be best to just use Telegram’s web interface in a private browser or Firefox container. I believe some of Telegram’s official apps are open source though, there shouldn’t really be anything wrong with those in all likelihood.

I will try it, thanks for your help

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