Best fork to telegram

Y need telegram but im looking for the best fork, actually im using foss option, what do you think about forkgram or nekogram X? best options?

NekogramX is decent, so is baseline Nekogram too (e.g Telegram: Contact @nekogram)


Probably unlikely to help too much as most conversations on telegram are not E2EE. The Telegram network still sees all all your messages.


NekogramX has OpenPGP support.

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Does it encrypt or decrypt messages for you automatically ?
And how many of your contacts actually agree to use pgp or even secret chats.

In my opinion , you can consider telegram as a social media platform and than a private messenger.
Consider everything you say (views ,belief and personal info) there ,including 1 to 1 chats are in public domain. So just use pseudonym there and never share any sensitive data.