Swappa purchases now requiring paypal account?

It seems that recently either Swappa or Paypal (which is one of the buying options) changed the purchase process in that you can no longer purchase via paypal using guest only.

I bought my pixel 8 a little over a month ago without needing to sign into a paypal account, but my brother just went to go get a pixel and paypal will not let you buy without creating an account now:

It used to be there was a checkbox at the top to not save your info.

Can others in the US verify this is that case for you as well?

PayPal guest checkout is still listed as an available payment option here: FAQ: What payment methods are supported on Swappa? - Swappa

I shared my experience with PayPal and Swappa in a different thread:

Based on my experiences of shopping on Swappa, it’s up to the seller to enable this option.

For one of my recent purchases, one listing showed something similar to what is depicted in the image you shared; another listing showed a toggle between guest check out (does not show any links to privacy policy or TOS) and creating an account (does show those links).

Ahh that’s good to know. Didn’t realize the buyer could set that.

I’ve tried the cheapest 6 pixel 6a listings and all of them force the account creation option when you get into paypal. It’s either the default for sellers now or paypal is requiring it.