Paying for ProtonVPN with paypal/credit card

I paid for 1 month unlimited subscription using my paypal and then got year subscription using card.

I don’t know/use any crypto.

I mostly use vpn to get access to blocked content when travelling (e.g. netflix, but sometimes I can’t open appstore in some countries for some reason)

Since I got unlimited subscription I’ve been thinking to start using other proton products more extensively (mail, drive, pass), but now I’m thinking if I should have paid using a more anonymous payment method?

Paying anonymously is better, but if your threat model isn’t big it may not be a big deal. I don’t mean to make you regret your decision but since you don’t have crypto Proton seems to have gift cards, which is also a good way to pay anonymous (depending how you bought it.)


Thanks. The gift cards could only be bought using paypal/card anyway. I guess I’m good then. Don’t want to deal with the whole bitcoin thing…

Well you can pay more anonymous next time.
Myself I paid with PayPal and had the same thought afterwards.
Dismissed it again, using more private services (AND paying for it) will have to be enough.

Wouldn’t that require creating a new account? Blank slate?
Also, what other ways are there except for bitcoin and cash?

Contact Proton Support.
They deleted my payment method from thier side so I could add a new PayPal account.

how does that make it more anonymous?

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Not more anonymous in my case. I just could not change my pp account by myself there, or it was advised against it.
Since I changed the email of my pp account.
In your case I’ll advise to support of proton, they have more methods than users.
For example they can delete your account and you can restart. If you do it your subscription is gone.

I see. My feeling is that if one needs full anonymity it has to be so from the very start. I was thinking about it for bank passwords (protonpass), but if i’m paying for the tool then it’s like giving out the lock with the key