Singlemails (competitor for simplelogin or addy)

Singlemails exists… has anyone tried it? (

Singlemails (competitor for simplelogin or addy)

Literally not. Both simplelogin and addy are open source.

Some problems here (not necessarily all related to privacy/security :

  • No privacy policy in English (only German)

  • No dedicated apps or extensions as far as I know

  • No Instagram posts since 2 years (which is pretty concerning)

  • Blog not working

  • Not open-source (like @jerm said)

  • Copyright year not updated since 2021

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Ok-ok… I just wanted to explain more in the title, than push them in any way…, and i though more about the global market than the privacy-sub pocket. Also there was no mention of them here before.

Thanks for the heads up! :pray:

As disposable mail for shady websites and bulk registration it is okay. Even if their domain will be banned it’s okay.

For anything else I don’t recommend using it as not open source.

I have account there, but it is only for disposable use (not as alias, like 10 minute mail)

There is no account delete option, be careful!

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Worth posting already!

No, and not recommended for others.

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Also they have no 2FA support. Just tested. No pause forwarding option (only remove permanently).

In short - insecure service

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Should be marked as rejected

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Yeah. @jonah and @dngray can you mark it as rejected?

About what we can talk if they even not setup DMARC?


Yeah, there are too many problems with it… There’s zero reason to use it over SL or Addy.