Private transational email service?

I’ve got a website with ~70 users. They sign up for an account (mostly) using email.

I need a service that allows me to send emails to them using my custom domain. Things like password resets, warnings (such as low storage on cloud) and unfrequently announcements. Around 20-70 emails per month.

Currently, I’m using a Google account with a “workaround” to be able to send emails with the custom domain for free. The problem is that it’s not possible to do SPF, DKIM and DMARC, so the emails often go to spam…

I’m also considering using my existent Simplelogin subscription, adding that domain there and using something like this unofficial smtp relay for simplelogin. The thing is, even though I’ll use my personal domain, idk how simplelogin reacts to bulk sending emails.

Is there any service that has SMTP, allows my custom domain securely and has a confortable ammount of monthly email? Several bonus points if it’s free.

Not free, but all free options I know in this space aren’t quite privacy friendly.

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The thing is that I live in a 3rd world country. My website does not bring any money, it’s free to use. I accept donations, but never got one.

Proton is very expensive as another added expense. Specially when converting to my currency.

About using my Simplelogin, what do you think?

Seems hacky to me. Doubt that will work well.
Other option is to use your own smpt server but I guess that also just costs money.

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Other than that. Not sure if you want to. But you could at least test Proton for free. If you feel comfortable with that this is my affiliate link which gives you a free month. Not much but if it helps to consider it:

Personally I think a proton mail subscription is more valuable than simplelogin if I would need to choose.

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I can host the SMTP server on my own server which I operate my website, but I heard so much about not selfhosting email because it’s resource-intensive, prone to failures and all, so I’ve never gone too deep on that.

Well you are not wrong. Email is complex, and although there are quite some packaged solutions it will indeed be intensive for resources and I doubt that would be cheaper than using proton f.x.

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