Request to publish publicly my recent post

Hello! I would like to request the admins/moderators, could you please publish publicly my recent post and after that, once it is publicly available, could you please delete the present request. Thank you in advance!

Which thread is this? I only see one post in your history, which appears. Ubuntu 22.04 security – Snap, Flatpak, AppArmor, UbuntuPro

Yes - this is the topic that I am not able to see listed in the forum when I open the forum and sort the topics by date. I believe you could verify it by yourself because it is not visible (probably it was marked as invisible/hidden by some of the moderators/admins by mistake). For instance, my present request immediately appeared as a first listed topic in the forum when sorting the topics by date. I will be thankful if it is possible to make the referenced topic publicly available. Thank you in advance!