Question regarding tool suggestion policy

I am just a bit confused on how it works.

Some suggestions seemed to get approved, rejected, or put in waiting super quick. Others seem to get some comments early, then no designation ever. Some get 50+ comments, thousands of views, no designation.

What is the criteria to actually have a decision made? When I first joined I thought it had to do with votes, but votes don’t really seem to matter at all, or maybe there was some period where the team was actually investigating and using the tool but that doesn’t really seem (doesn’t seem possible with the amount of suggestions vs amount of PG team members) to be the case either and I’d think there would be a “testing” designation or just added to waiting if that was the case.

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Convince the community first, and then the majority of PrivacyGuides maintainers.

Voting is just an extra way to show your community approval even if it’s not really used and is just a forum software (discourse) feature.

This doesn’t really answer my question of why some posts never get any sort of designation and are left to wallow and some get immediate responses.

Reposts of things previously discussed here, on GitHub Issues, or on GitHub Discussions get immediate responses because they’re reposts. That covers the majority of these cases.

oh. makes sense. Thanks! I do kind of wish they would designate those posts with a “repost” or “previously considered” tag but maybe thats just me.