Recommended Expense Tracker?

I need an expense tracker I can use while on the go, preferably an Android mobile app. Does anyone have any recommendations?


I just wrote it in a note taking app (Standard Notes), then I transcribe it to a more proper app when I got home (HomeBank, in linux)

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For this I just use spreadsheets, can do formula/formatting/graphs i like. Am I missing the point?


I used to this as well but the dedicated apps are prettier :rofl:

But yes spreadsheets are the hardcore technically correct way to do this.

I do use spreadsheets but I need a temporary way of keeping track of expenses while on the go, like going on a week long vacation and cannot open a laptop.

I used to use Paisa but it had some bugs with reccuring expenses so I stopped. There seem to be some recent releases so maybe that has been fixed.

I also briefly tried out Ivy Wallet and I think it’s quite nice, but you have to build it yourself (if you don’t want to download from Google Play) and I think the privacy policy could be better.

How much can we trust something like a Google Sheets or MS Excel in this case? Especially when it comes to dealing with your finances? Currently I do use Notes App and do find it inconvenient and hence was looking to move.

And maybe if you could send a template layout of your document that would be great!

Well you can store locally, I was thinking more LibreOffice Calc which is what I use.

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Maybe this?

Is there any cloud alternative you recommend?

If you want cloud your best bet is probably a spreadsheet with selself hosted onlyoffice or something similar. could be a great option

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I’ve been using this one and so far it’s been working great. Lots of useful options, nice UI, easy to use and of course, it’s open-source. It even has optional cloud backups and cross-device syncing, although that may not be the best idea because they rely on Google Drive and AFAIK data is not encrypted, but at least is opt-in, the app is offline by default otherwise, only connecting to the internet to update exchange rates.
You can get it both from the Play Store and GitHub:


I went through a testing period with Ivy Wallet, Paisa, and Cashew, and Cashew definitely came out on top for me.

It has the nicest UI, and the most efficient layout and features for me personally, so I’d definitely recommend it. Development is also active, with the latest release being just last week on github.

It also runs fine with internet access blocked via RethinkDNS, and as volcaronte said here, the sync with Google Drive is opt in.

+1 from me

Cashew seems the best rn. There’s also Flow which is in beta.

I have been using My Expenses the past couple of weeks, and so far so good. I just downloaded Cashew and trying it out. I exported my transactions from My Expenses into a CSV file which I customized to conform to Cashew’s CSV fields. However, the file remains unselectable when importing to Cashew. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Any advice from Cashew users?

Never mind. I seem to have figured it out.