Privacy focused alternative to YNAB

Any suggestions for privacy respecting alternatives that give a similar experience to “You Need A Budget”. Main feature i am looking for is the ability to split one transaction into mutiple categories.

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there is Financier:

i use Lunch Money: (doesn’t sell data but not foss. also uses Plaid…so not the greatest just putting it out there.)

I like Buckets:

It was created to be very similar to YNAB and I’m very happy with how it has replaced YNAB for me over the past 6 months or so. It’s not open source, but is source available on Github and the dev has said if he ever gets to the point where he won’t maintain it he will open source it. It technically costs $49 for a lifetime license that can be shared with multiple devices (soon to be $64) but they offer a lifetime free trial so you really don’t ever need to pay if you don’t mind the “Trial” banner in the app and sporadic reminders. They also offer a “Buckets by the Loaf” program where they offer a license for the cost of 20 loaves of bread in select poorer countries which was neat to me. I bought a license and it has more than paid for itself in my opinion.

There is currently a version on Linux, mac, and Windows and mobile apps that are in the testing stage. There is also a self-hostable Relay in beta that allows syncing budgets (and is open source), as well as a method of pulling in transactions from banks using their SimpleFin protocol but I can’t comment on the apps, Relay, or SimpleFin since I don’t use them. I budget offline and manually enter everything. I have read that they all work pretty well though.

Ultimately it doesn’t meet PG criteria but I’m very happy with it and I wanted to support the dev since YNAB was one of the only things I couldn’t find a good FOSS alternative for.

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