Recommended eBook reader app for android

Looking for an ebook reader app forandroud. Are there any recommendations?

Graphene OS PDF Viewer is barely ok to read long pdfs and I dont think it can open epubs?

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KOReader, it’s a proper ebook reader app often used in modded kobo. Works well on a standard phone too

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Thanks gonna check it out :slight_smile:

I like Librera Reader. The app can view 14 different file types. Tons of options.


For epubs, I like Librera better than Koreader. It’s more of a normal android experience. For example, you can swipe up and down to scroll. Koreader can’t do that, because it’s designed primarily for e-ink screens.

Thank you two for the recommendation but App Lounge warns that librera uses trackers (Google ADMob)

There are two. Did you try both?

  • Librera: all for book reading
  • Librera PRO - Book reader

I’d probably be ok with tracking in the free version. The devs have bills to pay.

Dont think pro is in App Lounge :slight_smile:

Dont mind paying for stuff if its worth it. But most paid app need google stuff for buying them

The Office section of this page may be of interest


Thanks forgot that site abd how great it is. Its perfect

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I have a hard time believing the F-Droid version has Google trackers.

Yeah I forgot to say, it’s the F-Droid release of Librera I recommend. The free one on Google Play has ads, and I’ve never tried the paid version.

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