E-book reader on android

Wanting to ask about ebook/pdf readers, especially on android. I am looking for something that is similar to kindle in two features

  • Dark/Grey mode for text

  • Instant lookup of meanings of words when selected.

Currently on pc, goldendict somewhat performs this function. Is this somewhat similar for android other than kindle? I don’t want to read on pc since that’s where I already spend several hours working every day.

See this page for recommendations Recommended Apps - DivestOS Mobile

Personally I use Lithium. It contains no trackers (exodus report), and I’m content with their business models and the fact that even the free version contains no ads. It also meets both of your requirements

Most importantly to me though, is that it looks and performs better than any other apps I’ve used. It may not be open-source, but I’m willing to trust it. Of course you should still evaluate it with your own threat model in mind as with any other tool you intend to use, but it is my personal recommendation as someone that values not sacrificing any usability.

Nice. Found the Librera suggestion helpful. Would you suggest any dictionary apps to go with it? Currently selecting a word opens the browser and searches in it.