Question about wallet

Hello, friends of the community. I tried to use Monero , as well as the better custody method described in guide,Official Monero client (Desktop).
After install the client,I tried the recommended local notes. I synced using the default location[d]. I didn’t think it would take so much time to synchronize nodes,I originally just wanted to have a private wallet, I really didn’t expect to take so much time, so I quit it.
Now I’m very upset because I can’t find the default folders. It’s an installation package that’s for direct use. I can’t find where the [d] is ,over 100 G.Can anyone tell me where to find that folders? How to delete them all? I don’t want to reinstall the system.

I don’t understand your complaining, if you want the most private method, use a local node. There’s always an option to connect to a remote node if you don’t want to download the whole blockchain (the local node), but better do that through a VPN as Tor will be slower when syncing What is a node? | Feather Wallet Documentation.

Thank you , that’s what I need.