Public private instances

I have been attempting to use the Frontend services listed on PG and have found them to be an enjoyable way to “consume” a bit more responsibly. It’s also helpful to still be able to view TikTok videos by way of the Frontend when sent a link by friends. In this way I can still connect with them on a personal level but otherwise not engage with the service.

I have found many of the public instances to be somewhat unreliable. This could entirely be something related to my setup though, I’m not sure. I did attempt self hosting, but have not fared well on my own. Are there public-private instances financially supported by members?

Part of the problem is services like TikTok ban a lot of the instances, or rate limit them. Were there any specific issues you had in regard to self hosting?

I predominately use Piped and have found the videos may not load after a period of time, begin to error out, or more recently play video without audio. I did assume this was some type of block by YouTube and so wondered if a smaller private server might fly under the radar more often than not.