Proton Sentinel

Proton launched an advanced security program:

It’s quite vague on what it does exactly and any implications it may have. What are your thoughts?

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I think it probably does what it says on the box:

The Proton Sentinel program provides:

  • Advanced security protection, including strict challenges for suspicious login attempts
  • Greater visibility on logins and account changes in their security logs
  • 24/7 escalation of suspicious login attempts to security analysts who will review assessments made by the automated systems

I think it might be “You’re paying this much, so a human will check if anomalous activity is detected.”

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It being an optional thing and the way it is written make me wonder if there are any downsides to this. Perhaps I am too suspicious.

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I am thinking of bad scenarios but all are just speculation and not really useful to discuss without evidence.

They can not implement the same feature in 3 OS at the same time, they can not implement U2F in 8 years cross platform, but yes, a human will ckeck that… xD

I don’t know Rick…