Are you all using proton stuff? Can we trust to register your entire private life to them?

are you all trusting and using stuff from proton?
Can we trust to register your entire private life with them?

  • protoncalander
  • protonmail
  • protonvpn
  • proton password manager
  • proton cloud
  • proton wallet

Just a heads up, proton wallet isn’t from the same company. But yes I trust proton calendar and drive to be E2EE and for them to not log/scan my emails + internet traffic. However I trust an established password manager such as bitwarden over proton’s offering.

It’s good practice to spread out exposure but there unfortunately aren’t many reputable companies with the same offerings at a comparable price.



  • Number of legal orders: 6,995
  • Contested orders: 1,038
  • Orders complied with: 5,957



interesting but is also says:

all emails, files and invites are encrypted and we have no means to decrypt them.

So foreign authorities car order what they want, but everything is encrypted so they can’t never use it?


Except traditional email fundamentally cannot be encrypted and its destinations are always visible.

You already know better than me that email is not intended for primary communication medium. If you have an high model, then switch to e,g., signal, simplex.

Any company has to comply with law enforcement. Far from perfect, I believe proton is the most beautiful solution for an average user. Other alternatives are not privacy friendly, or lack many features. That’s my two cents.


yes. i have no intention of usin Proton Pass, but i trust and use their other products. there are more discussions comparing them to Tutanota for example if you search.

personally i do not super…need that lvl of encryption in transit and much prefer Proton to Tuta overall.

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I trust Proton to shield me away from big tech and big ad surveillance.

If I had a higher threat model, though, I might still use their services, but I’d definitely add another level of protection by making sure I always use a VPN from another company to access them. And encrypt files before they’re sent to Proton’s cloud.

Email is an insecure and non private technology, but sometimes there’s no way around it. Proton mail + Mullvad VPN/Tor might be one solution (of course, avoiding email is always better). All the other services can be self hosted if the threat model requires it.

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Only mail (and simplelogin), I went from ultimate to Mail plus. I am an Android/Linux user and that makes the other products barely useless to me. Well, the mail client for Android still sucks…
I am seriously thinking on moving my mail to Skiff. They have made more in 3 years than proton in 10. But I like domain AND GPG… Those are the only stoppers by now.


interesting, why do you say that using android/linux makes their non email products useless (if i understand correctly)

yes, I do trust them. No breach so we good.

What do you mean, no breaches? Take a look at @SkewedZeppelin 's reply. They “breached” almost 6000 times to law enforcement in 2022 alone.

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Huh, I mean data breaches, idgaf about law/police.

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What does your dictionary say about quotation marks?

unless it’s forwarded to someone else?

A post only needs a few reports before it gets hidden automatically.

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  • U2F only works on web mail
  • No Drive client for Linux nor ETA
  • The VPN clients for Linux is basically a script my nephew can code and he is 5 years old.
  • No Sync for contacts or Calendar (Linux or Android)
    – The contacts… well, useless…
    – Calendar only works online.
  • Mail client for Android, doesn’t have even group mails…
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To me, it’s not a matter of how often they hand out customer info. It’s about what they hand out.

Also as with every time Proton is mentioned and people mention their police cooperation: what’s the brilliant alternative?

I know email as a protocol is terrible, but I still need an email. And what’s the least bad email service? To me, that seems like it would be ProtonMail.


If you read my message just 3 or 4 replies before that one you’d get your answer:

  • you don’t need an alternative if you’re not a target and are just looking to avoid mass surveillance.

  • if you’re a (potential) target, the not so brilliant alternative is to distrust Proton just like you’d distrust any other service that will sell you out: use their email behind a VPN that’s not ProtonVPN (or even Tor) and use the free version so that you don’t have to share personal information in order to pay them. Everything else, you just self host.

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