Are you all using proton stuff? Can we trust to register your entire private life to them?

There are only two free and trustworthy VPNs; windscribe and proton. The former has a limit of 10 Gb. So, which VPn are you planing to use? Why is TOR not secure in this case?

Besides, having a high level threat model and using email for communication are inconsistent. Why will you need to use email for communication instead of secure messengers?

This would be a very very niche case such as being a whistleblower or sth like that, and you only have an email address and no other way of communication.

I’m interested in the answer but wondering when this became a discussion about which VPN should we use.


Even to use the free version you have to provide them with an email address and theyre picky about it. For example, they do not accept addresses. Why would that be?