Do you use the Proton suite or others?

Hi everyone,

I would like to know what you use between Proton Mail and its other services and Tutanota and other services?

Do you prefer to centralize everything with Proton (mail, calendar, drive, VPN, mail generator and soon password manager) or diversify services, use?

Isn’t there a risk to centralize everything in one entity?


I think that this could contribute to answer your question…

Personally, I prefer to minimise the number of parties that I’m trusting, and reduce the number of services/apps I use overall. Of the remaining few, it’s simply more convenient for me if they’re all under the same umbrella. With Proton, it’s pretty easy to not only trust but also verify their claims of privacy, and so I choose to trust them.

I do have some criticisms of Proton, but that’s unrelated to privacy, and so I won’t discuss it here.

I do understand the argument against centralising everything, which is to not put all your eggs in one basket. However, if my password manager were to get breached somehow, then every single account I have gets breached. That’s already a central point of failure. Another point would be my email, since everything is also linked to that in some way or another. Hence, instead of spreading that across 2 separate services owned by different companies, why not just put them under the same account and make it easier on myself.

Of course, this solution may not work for you, and that’s fine.

I have a minimalist approach and ecosystems are very convenient and what makes a lot of people like Apple, especially among the privacy community. Proton are far more trustworthy than Apple, apart from being open source, EU based and true pioneers, advocates and defenders of privacy and freedom.

I might switch to Proton Pass from Bitwarden just to have everything more cohesively under the same ecosystem (and the benefits and integrations that come with it) rather than fragmented all over the place, and it would make more sense especially as an Unlimited subscriber.

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I currently use one of the KeePass distros, but I plan on switching to Proton Pass once it’s stable and shown to be secure. My KeePass setup is very tiring, but I prefer that over anything online. However, with the introduction of Proton Pass, I am tempted to switch over to it because I already use Proton.

Parts of me fear for the worst when confronted with the fact that if Proton goes, then everything does. But I think that’s just amygdala hijacking my fear system. I highly doubt Proton will be gone anytime soon.

As for any potential data breaches, I hope there’s a way to encrypt Proton Pass like you can with Proton Mail using two-password mode. This way, if my account is one day breached somehow, the attacker can’t see my data because Proton doesn’t have access to my other password used to decrypt my Proton data.