Should I use one provider or multiple providers for email, VPN, and storage services?

What are your opinions on privacy and paid services? Is it better to have email, VPN, and storage services purchased from companies like Proton, or is it better to use each service from a different company? What solutions are the best for privacy?


It depends on your threat model and how much integration you need between these different services…

on the one hand, the more different services you choose, the more you will have to trust different providers and the less integration you’ll have. On the other hand, the fewer different providers you have, the more data they could collect on you but the more integration you’ll have…

It also depends on the budget you can allocate to it… if it is low you can have everything in the same place (VPN, emails, contacts, calendar, drive…) for example proton. If it is a bit higher you can take a different VPN eg Mullvad or IVPN then you can take a different mail/calendar provider eg Tutanota etc etc…

In my opinion, it is up to you to decide according to these two aspects…

Hope this help


Thank you for your response and insights. Currently, I am testing various solutions and exploring providers including Mullvad and IVPN (Mullvad works better in my location), nextdns, controld, etc. I will continue to research and read up on these options. Cost is not too significant, but of course, I need to exercise some prudence. Of course! Every tip and suggestion is important to me. Thank you for your help!

Personnaly i made four bundle with different providers

  1. Browsing
  2. Sharing
  3. Stocking
  4. Login

For exemple :
For browsing you can have mullvad browser + mullvad vpn or firefox + mozilla vpn
For sharing you can go with proton mail + proton calendar or tutanota mail + tutanota calendar
For stocking you can go for proton drive or tresorit
For login you can go with aegis + bitwarden or keepass