Proton drive for mac

proton drive introduces private and encrypted cloud storage for mac -

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was quite unhappily suprised this was not communicated by Proton outside social media, why not send an product update email

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I got one earlier today, after the social media announcements though

I emailed proton and they say the emails are send in batches. I was not expecting that to be necessary for internally routed mails but according to them I should still get it.


Indeed. That’s really annoying that they didn’t send an email for this. I have been waiting for months for this. Finally, we can use our 500 gb on proton drive.

Made a PR for this :slight_smile:

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Just got it right this moment.

That’s cool, one more reason to tell people to use proton drive.
Summer 2024, Proton drive client for linux, hopefully.

I actually still didn’t get anything