Proton drive do not work with storage scopes

Is there a way to get proton drive to work with storage scopes

Are you running into any issues that can be reproduced by following certain steps? It’s difficult to attempt to answer such a question without more specifics.

For what it’s worth, I also use Proton Drive on GrapheneOS (installed via Sandboxed Google Play Store). For the basic file backup function, the app did not ask me for the permission to access photos and videos.

When using their new photo backup feature (the ‘Photos’ tab between ‘Files’ and ‘Shared’), I was asked for the “Photos and videos” permission. I enabled Storage Scopes in the pop-up prompt and then manually added the image(s) I want to back up in the “Storage Scopes” screen.

I perused the official thread for the release of Proton Drive photo backup on their subreddit. After ctrl+F’ing “folder” and reading through the replies, it looks like others are asking about the same issue. (None of them mention Storage Scopes, but I imagine it applies to your case as well.)

Apprently, syncing folders is a planned feature at the moment :confused:

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