Proton direct contact with privacy office

Does anyone have a mail address / other form of contact of their privacy office?

I might share more info later, it’s a relatively serious matter is all I am saying for now. I can’t get past support who does not understand the issue, apparently.\

I’m only aware of these three emails

If you can’t get hold of a supervisor, try being creative with how to get there. I’ll let your imagination decide how that creativity manifests itself.

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Found this on the arbitration issue they had a while ago.

Proton AG
Attn: Legal
Route de la Galaise 32
1228 Plan-les-Ouates
Geneva, Switzerland

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of course I can always write them a physical letter, but a bit old school don’t you think and quite insane for an Email provider :laughing:


Yeah, but it’s better than nothing

i got in touch, everything should be sorted.

Is it worth sharing?

perhaps but i am not going to

Why is that?

You are actively trying to get into one user privacy by asking that question. Better not ask yourself why they want to keep this private.